For isolation or separation of pipelines

Blank flanges facilitate maintenance work

During maintenance work or technical inspections pipelines have to be temporarily isolated or separated. To do this, NEIKO can supply you with various blank flanges for different applications. They are manufactured according to known standards and are, for example, TÜV-tested.

If the required product is designed not to conventional standards, we manufacture custom parts for you within a short time according to your specifications or drawings. We are in a position to provide different material qualities for every conceivable application. Our qualified employees will advise you in detail and are at your disposal to answer your questions.

You need blank flanges, spectacle blinds or orifice plates?

In our overview we have listed common blank flange models for you. Please contact us if the required model is not on the list. We manufacture custom-made and accurate parts according to your specifications.

  • Blank flanges
  • Perforated discs
  • Spectacle blinds
  • Restriction orifices
  • Orifice plates / orifice flanges